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Meditation for the modern active person, that it can be incorporated in your daily routine. A few minutes a day may change the way you perceive your life and how you interact with the world. I will also present different topics about spirituality, chakras, and self-healing. It is always about having fun and practice. If it feels like a heavy burden to do your meditation or spiritual practice you are doing something that is challenging you. When we are challenged doing the spiritual practice it means that we must work on it. Do not stop or lose your will, work even harder soon everything shall fit into the correct rhythm and it shall flow with ease. When I started many years ago it was a joy but very demanding and difficult at times. I was very blessed to have amazing teachers that have guided me, now it is my turn to try to help. We will also enter into spirituality and healing with your own energy and power.You will acquire confidence in your skills and spiritual practice.You will develop your ability and knowledge of meditation and other spiritual techniques.

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