Innergy Healing

Color guided Meditation to balance your chakras and relax you.

August 12, 2021 Sonia
Innergy Healing
Color guided Meditation to balance your chakras and relax you.
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Follow my voice and dive deep into relaxation with colors.
Each color will energize, relax and harmonize your body. Let your imagination
take you to a world of magic and wonders, when you emerge from the meditation
your body will be completely relaxed, the mind in total calmness.
Colors vibrate and heal your body, mind, and soul!

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Sonia 00:
Dear family of Light, welcome to Innergy healing podcast. Here you will find answers to many questions about spirituality, spiritual practices, healing, healing modalities, meditation, from Tibetan Reiki to the Reiki philosophy mantras, sacred word sacred expression, loose with a little bit of joy and fun, even if this is a very deep and profound, subject to, let's start. Welcome, and let's enjoy being together. This is Sonia from Innergy healing podcast. Do not forget to subscribe. Let's start.

Sonia 1.08:
My dear friends, family of Light. Welcome. Welcome to Innergy healing Podcast. Today we are going to do a meditation to relax, a meditation that is going to activate different chakras a meditation that is designed to give you a deep sense of relaxation, a deep sense of joy, and fulfillment. Please be ready to start. Prepare the place where you're going to be meditating. Remember if you want to light a candle. Go ahead and do it. Make sure that you feel comfortable. If you decided that your medication is going to be sitting down with this, straight spine, and legs shoulder with apart, feet flat on the floor. It's perfectly fine as well if you decide to have your meditation laying down, maybe in your bed, or maybe if you have a yoga mat on the floor. It's perfectly fine as well. Have your head maybe a bit supported or the back of your knees, so your spine is going to be in a comfortable position without straining your back, without feeling any discomfort. Remember, meditation is to make you feel well, to make you feel relax, to ease any pain and discomfort you may have in your body. So prepare maybe a blanket to cover yourself since the temperature of your body can lower make anything possible for you to have an easy journey. Now you feel comfortable. You have made yourself comfortable in the best way

Sonia 3.39
Adjust your clothing. Adjust your body, feel comfortable. It's time to start. So let's take a deep breath through your nose, breathing deeply
and exhale deeply, letting go of all the tensions that you feel all the tensions of your body, your mind. Take another deep breath through your nose and excel, all the worries of the day,
you feel totally relaxed. 
Sonia 5.04:
Relax your face. Your eyes are slightly closed. Relax your jaw. Your lips are slightly open maybe smiling. Relax your throat and your neck. As you breathe normally. Relax your shoulders. Relax your toes. Normally, relax your stomach, your hips, and your thighs. Relax your knees, your calves. relax your ankles and your toes. Breath, focus on your breathing. Breathing normally softly. Your eyes are closed. Now notice if there are some colors, playing in front of your closed eyes. Relax in them. If you do not see any color it is fine, do not worry.
Sonia 7.13:
Everything is in perfect harmony. Everything is where it's supposed to be. Relax, relax, and holding the intention that you are going to feel this deep relaxation during the day. We are going to see the color red. Picture the color red. Create this picture in your mind, the red color of all shades, red roses. Red Rubies. Red flowers. picture in your mind, different tones of red. Red apples. Beautiful sunset with red tones, enjoy the color red. Allow yourself to breathe deeply into this color. The red color. Being in yourself, within you become aware of the red all around you,  through you. Breath the color red. And now we're going to imagine the color orange, the red is mostly changing into a deep orange.
Sonia 9.59:
Think orange flowers. Marigolds, all the orange fruits, and vegetables. Pumpinks, orange carrot, visualize and see its infinite shades and colors of orange. Orange. Orange. Fill the entire visual field of your mind with the color orange. Enjoy this color. And now, allow your mind to see the color yellow.
Powerful bright yellow, the bright yellow of the sun glowing above you, visualize yellow and see it in your mind. See it using your inner eye. All the various shades of yellow, yellow lemon-yellow flowers. Allow the yellow to fill your vision. Imagine yourself surrounded by yellow. Allow the yellow to support you. You are immersed in a sea of yellow. And now, very gently, the color you're seeing in front of you becomes green.
Sonia 13.04:
see the green in your mind. Infinite varieties and shades of green, green grass green crystal. You are being surrounded by beautiful green different tones and shades of green bright green. Green grass green leaves. In the notion of green color green fields, you revitalize you and refresh you; now in your mind, you see the color blue. You're surrounded by beautiful blue. It is blue as far as your inner eye can see. So many shades of blue. Blue like water, like the sky. Unending blue,
The color blue is feeling your vision. Enjoy this color, breath blue color, and the color in your mind is changing into Indigo.
Sonia 16.02
Indigo-like violet. the dark color of indigo. It's pure like blue jeans. Deep indigo color of a deep ocean. Allow these colors to become violet or lavender. Focus on the multitude of purples and lavenders all around you. Violets, lavender flowers. Immerse yourself into this. You can almost taste this violet-lavender color, enjoy now in your mind, the color becomes white. It's a breathtaking white. You can see it with your inner eye. All around you. As you breathe this white color. The purity of the white is within you, all around. White is the union of all colors. It purifies you. Pay attention to your breathing, notice how calm and regular your breath is now.
 How is your breathing how is your body feeling?  you are, calm and relax. Going back to the colors, starting again with red-orange, yellow, green,
blue, indigo, violet white.
Sonia 20.06:
As I say these colors. Feel how they resonate within you. Let's do it again, pay attention to how you feel. As I say the colors, red, orange, yellow, green

Sonia 20.54:
white color. Allow your breath to recharge into this energy of colors. You are totally relaxed, your breath once again. Clearly breathing in through your nose, exhaling through your mouth, your body is totally relaxed, your mind is quiet, peaceful, and it's time to come back again to your reality but completely relax in total harmony. Take another deep breath and slowly and gently. You're coming back into your body, you feel again your feet, your legs, your hips, your torso, your shoulder, your neck, and your smiling face. Take another deep breath and very gently, You're back in the place where you're meditating now. You take another deep breath and you're back into this wonderful world, feeling relaxed, feeling energized in harmony, and well. And when you're ready. Only when you're ready, very gently, very slowly open your eyes.