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Growing pains of Spiritual evolution-part 3

September 10, 2021 Sonia
Innergy Healing
Growing pains of Spiritual evolution-part 3
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Are you feeling tired and out of balance?
A deep sense of exhaustion for no apparent reason?
These are the growing pains of Spiritual Evolution.  You are evolving into a new powerful and beautiful being of light!
It is important to know that you are not alone and you are supported.
Continuing our conversation about growing pains, few tips, and tools to help you in your journey!

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Dear Friends Family of Light, welcome to Innergy healing podcast. Here you will find answers to many questions about spirituality, spiritual practices, healing, healing modalities, meditation, from Tibetan Reiki to the Reiki philosophy mantras, sacred words sacred expression. Always with a little bit of joy and fun, even if this is a very deep and profound subject. So let's start. Welcome, and let's enjoy being together. This is Sonia from Innergy healing podcast. Do not forget to subscribe. Let's start. My dear friends, welcome. Welcome to Innergy healing podcast, this is Sonia. We're continuing our series of spiritual growing pains, the pains of evolution, the pain of entering into a new reality into a new phase of evolution. I hope each one of you is well in good health, and feeling that you are entering this new adventure, this is a new adventure, a new voyage, a new adventure of discovering who we are in this new era in this new era of feelings of new awareness, and how we're going to feel and understand this new awareness is being the observer. Being the observer means that you are experiencing life fully, with all your senses with your body with your mind with your soul with your sensations, totally alert. But you are going to be like watching a movie, you're going to see what's going on in life what's going on in the world. Observing like if you're watching a movie that you are learning for every single from every single experience that you are having. 

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But, do not let this affect you, in a way that is going to be detrimental. And this is us starting the new era. The new life, the new events that are going to be taking us into a more advanced way of life on Earth. When we are talking about entering into a new dimension. We're not talking about that the earth is going to be moving into a different place. No, we are moving into a new space of vibration. Our bodies are musical instruments. Each one of us, as I have said many times has its own music, its own vibration. We are the music of the spheres. So, at this time. If you're feeling this feeling of uncertainty of being tired of being up out of place is because your body is adapting to these new vibrations this new, light, for many of us is very difficult, it's very very difficult we go through pains and we go through changes, and even our Earth, you can see that it is going through so many changes. So many things have really brought changes,  of climate, changes of air, and yes we have been causing this. We have caused harm to ourselves, we have caused harm to our beautiful planet. But the planet is reacting. And it's time for us to react as well, to just go through the changes. It is time to feel this awareness, to feel this unity to feel that you are an essential part of Earth, you are an essential part of humanity. You are an essential part of the change. And this is being aware. This is what it means to increase your awareness. 

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You need to just step back,   let go, and know that you are wearing this special suit this spacesuit. That is your body. You as a seed star or star seeds have been gone through many many different places, many different times of evolution. This is a new phase of your learning curve. You have been part of a galactic family. You are part of the Galactic Family. And so now you're starting to realize, Oh wow, this is not real. Me This is not me the real me, I am much more than this and this is time to see it, to know it, To understand that is. Now it's time to realize to awake, and know that you're part of a cosmic family. We are part of a cosmic family and how you're going to obtain this awareness is underneath to enter your body into a deep, calm state. 
You need to be objective. 
You need to be observing, in the calmness of your being. You're going to find who you really are. 

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You are not going to be judging yourself. You are not going to be judging others. You need to find love for yourself, the love for others but unconditional love. The love that has no boundary the love that has no judging, the love for love. The love because just love is what it is all about. Love is all that it is about, finding the love the unconditional love. 
The love for yourself starting to love yourself for exactly what you are in the place where you are, knowing that everything is perfect. 
You are in the perfect place in perfect harmony. No more, no less than anyone else. 
You are perfect, as you are. And in these states of awareness this newfound state of awareness. Do not let the news or world events, fill you with despair. Do not let negativity. Enter in your mind. It is time to be objective, calm, and assertive, and in this new world of being, you will find the best way to help yourself and others. 
In calmness, you will you shall find the love, the unconditional love that ignites in you, the joy to see life as a beautiful adventure. And like I said before, you as a star seed. 
You know you have traveled through many universes, you have experienced so much, and your body that is wearing this suit, this spacesuit needs to realize that yes you need to keep this body in perfect condition in the best way possible. 
And we must keep this body in the best working condition, to be able to accomplish our mission on earth. And as you realize that you are not alone. You have a family, a cosmic family that is supporting you through everything you go through in life, and this family, not only the family that you have here on earth, but this cosmic family is supporting you constantly you're not alone. 
And this is very important to understand especially during these difficult times that everyone is experiencing on earth. It is very important to know that. You are not alone. That, your family is supporting you. 
At every step you take. Remember during our life here on earth we're constantly preparing ourselves for what is to come. For the next step for the next adventure. The next step into our next journey into growing up. So breathe deeply and find the calmness, the awareness, to know that you're getting ready for the next trip to the next adventure. Remember the way you felt maybe when you were a teenager, the same kind of growing pain. The same growing pains that you had, your body was feeling tired, constantly tired, and the bones were in pain and we felt out of place. This is the same kind of feeling. 
We are going through our teenage times, the teenage age that we had as human beings. It's the same kind of feeling that we have now, as spiritual beings. So we are working right now, to become adults, to enter into this new time, into this new race, a race of love, capable of loving unconditionally, with joy, and well being, with abundance; abundance of everything you ever will need, love, joy. 
The universe will provide, and this is what we need to understand and remember, you are beautiful. You are powerful. You can do it. Breath deeply, And remember my friend. You are a beautiful being of light, resonate and let your song, your spiritual song elevate you into the love and joy, that is your right, that you deserve. And that you are. You are Love you are light. You are a joy and please understand, everything will be fine. You are in perfect harmony with the universe. So, my dear friend, I hope this helps you a little bit to understand and remember if you have any questions, anything you need to ask, I'm here if I can help you with all my heart. I will do it. Until we meet again until we get together again this is Sonia from Innergy healing podcast. Be well. Until next time, bye. I hope you have enjoyed the show. This is Sonia from Innergy healing podcast. If you have a suggestion or you are requesting topics to be discussed, please contact me through my web page, Innergy healing arts. com. Do not forget to subscribe. Thank you.