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Be Positive, open your heart to love and be loved.

January 08, 2022 Sonia
Innergy Healing
Be Positive, open your heart to love and be loved.
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The year 2022 is dedicated to opening your heart to love and be loved.

  • Be positive
  • Centered your self
  • Find your voice to express your truth
  • Open your heart
  • Learn to use the Violet Flame

Use your time wisely, focus on unconditional love, be positive. 
Let the vibration of love heal you!

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Dear Friends Family of Light. Welcome. Welcome to Innergy healing podcast. This is Sonia. The Year 2022 is already in full swing. And it is incredible how this time has gone by so fast. Is my intention this year to just bring only messages of hope, of love, joy, understanding it is very important that we use our mind to create thoughts of hope, thoughts of happiness, of well being of joy if we are the creators of our reality, how important it is that we use our brains to create happiness, joy,  abundance. It is very important at this time that we try to find the beauty, the joy, the love around us. We must create a reality that is uplifting us. Here the main focus is going to be in being positive in bringing whatever is best and whatever is amazingly beautiful from others from ourselves to start, then from others, from nature from little things. you do not need to have a huge amount of money or go traveling places. To Find joy to find love. You do Must find it first in yourself so this year, we are going to be focusing on being positive. Finding those things that give you joy,  little things don't need to be expensive. So walk in the park, looking at the baby's mind in you, watching birds or walking the beach and look at the ocean maybe walk to the mountains. Whatever is accessible to you, that is bringing you the ability to be in nature; to be nature at this time. Is very important. Because it centers us when you walk the park or maybe if you're at a meadow wherever you find a place where you can be immersed in nature. If you cannot because maybe it's too cold or whatever, just find the way. Here we're going to need more than any time before to release what does not serve us any longer in Nature. Remember nature is the most amazing powerful healer, we have been placed in this earth.  to Learn but also to share the knowledge with others and to share the ability to heal. To heal with nature to heal each other. It is important that you understand that the healer within you is there. It needs only to be awakened. You need to reawake this ability this immense power is there, it is in you. And there is nothing more powerful than to understand that releasing the tensions is releasing all that is negative in us. Heals us how you do this. If you have no other tools. Just be in nature. Touch a three, touch a flower. If you cannot go outside for whatever reason. Maybe you have a plant and even if it seems to you silly or maybe it seems like I don't know an old woman gardener thought but trust me. Plants have the ability to heal you,  you touching the plant and with the intention of releasing all the tension all the agitations the bad negative thoughts in this plant, being grateful to the plant for the work it is performing for you. It makes wonders, this year is a year where you have to find your voice the voice of your inner self to express your truth to express who you are. But express who you are with love with compassion forget about words of hate. No this year and from now, from now on. You must find your inner voice your powerful voice within to express your power with love. With Compassion with understanding. When you do this you are creating a wave of emotion of sounds that are reverberating to the person in front of you to the people around you to the world. Whatever you let go with your voice comes back to you. If you are expressing love, joy, compassion you receive back this wave of love. Compassion, Joy understanding, that is such a powerful tool so why not? Why not use your voice to create a world of love and joy starting from you; open your heart, open your heart to love and to be loved this is the main reason and we need to use this tool when you use this tool of love and compassion. Opening your heart with love. Everything changes around you but it starts to change within you, you are the fulcrum, you are the main key to start the change. You are the master of this change,  love openly. Love. Just to love not expecting anything back. Love is healing all kinds of love as long as it is from your heart So my dear friends this year. I suggest I hope you open your heart to love unconditionally. Maybe this is a year for you to learn. to Meditate, even if he's few minutes a day. Doesn't need to be a long, long meditation. Maybe you're walking going to the car from your home or from your office. You're walking to the car or to the bus or to the train, it can be a meditation. Meditation with movement as long as you center yourself and do it with the intention that this you are doing right now. Is The meditation to center yourself, to release tensions to release What does not serve you any longer and this is meditation. Maybe later on or when you can when you are home can do a proper meditation. And remember your intentions are what determine if it is meditation or not. So use your can whenever you can. To Release your tensions. To Release What does not serve. Open your heart to love and to be joyful. This year. We need to learn Let go. Let go. These thoughts these negative thoughts it's time for you to learn Reiki, Tibetan Reiki I do not know whatever kind of energy healing modality that calls you. Here I've been requested by Spirit to teach how to use the violet flame. Violet Flame was brought forward by Saint Germain and now it is a powerful tool. It is a powerful powerful tool of love byte information. If you have a chance get in touch with me or whoever is teaching where you are. Learn to use the violet flame. Violet Flame brings forward not only vibrations, remember vibrations like the vibration of my voice right now. That is trying to reach you with love with friendship, my open heart is creating a change within you. So this violet flame uses words such as vibrations, uses colors to change. Take advantage of all these little things that are there for you to be implemented in your daily life. Create a change, create a change in who you are in your environment. Sounds vibrate and reverberate through us through the cosmos through the earth was watching a documentary or days ago about sperm whales. Songs of the sperm whales aren't so powerful they can break a body of a human into 1000 pieces. About that sound a change your body sounds create a change in the molecular or cellular level. Take advantage of this,  take advantage of learning mantras. Powerful mantras when you use the mantra the certain rhythm the sound creates a powerful inner change. Use the power of prayers, whatever prayers you say. But when you say prayers or mantras or chant Sacred Names, you use this vibration to make a powerful change in your physical body, in your mind, and in your soul. The Time to change the time to start learning how to be in a higher light vibration is now. Again, please find a modality that you like modality such as Reiki, Magnifying Healing, Tibetan Palm, Tibetan Reiki, whatever appeals to you, or maybe Qi Gong Tai Qi movement creates a wave when these movements are making your body release tension than you start to change. This change has a vibration this movement has a vibration, can you change? That's the important part. When I teach Tibetan palm healing I show my students how through movement you see the energy coming in and out of you. When you perceive when you see this energy that you are creating with your movement, first of all, is a lot of fun. Then it makes you realize how powerful you are. Not only you're powerful as a human being, but you have a connection, a deep,  profound connection with each other with other human beings with nature. And when you realize that, then everything changes because you understand that you are one that is also making changes not only to your body but to other people's bodies and to nature and to your environment. So please, please this year try to find a way to learn an energy tool, an energy modality to power yourself to reawaken who you really are. Being of Light. The time has come is now you need to learn to move the energy in your body. We do not need stagnant energy in our physical bodies. And the energy in the physical body is not moving. What happens also our minds get stuck in the thoughts of the activity of thoughts of being happy and being content with whatever you have and makes you feel bad. So my dear friends let this year try to find a way to implement to learn tools that will awaken the power within you. You have this power within; trust me you do. So please please, please this year. Learn, learn to be positive. Learn to see in nature the healer. That really is to try to understand that you are a powerful healer. Healer for yourself for your own well-being. Again and this year I have been guided to teach Violet Flame of transmutation. If you need information, just go to my webpage Innergy healing
 I have the workshop right now is in person but I'm working for the workshop to be able to offer the workshop via zoom or via the web is going to be really soon. Learn Reiki learn meditation. You will find many guided meditations free guided meditations in this podcast. Take advantage of these tools that are available to you. Again, if you have questions, I'm always here. Just reach me through email through my webpage. Send me a message I'll be more than happy to be answering your questions. So dear friends this year, we have to focus on being positive in being center to immerse in nature to find our inner voice. The voice to express ourselves with love, joy, and compassion. Open your heart. Let love in love openly. Remember Love is the key Love is the answer. Until next time, I hope you find within yourself. Strengths, feel the will the desire to find love and joy starting within you. Until next time my dear friend, this is Sonia from Innergy healing podcast. Take care of yourself, love, and be joyful. Bye, 
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