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How to start meditating.

February 22, 2020 Sonia Season 1 Episode 1
Innergy Healing
How to start meditating.
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How to meditate even if your life is busy and complicated.
Meditation a fun and simple way to release stress, feel serene, and calm. 
Meditation can be done anywhere at any time, no special tools are required. It is a time that you dedicate to your self and to nurture your body and spirit. Meditation will bring a clear and calm mind to the practitioner. A clear and calm mind makes better decisions, better choices.

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I everyone? My name is Sonia. Um, we're excited to start this new adventure with the podcast that has been in the working for the longest time ever. When I got the idea. Well, say, three years ago, it was very exciting. But, you know, it's sometimes scary to start something new for here we go. So in this podcast, we're going to adventure in different places, places or issues or, uh, things to discuss about will like to share some meditations, short meditation for beginners. And we're going to be evolving slowly but surely into more deep studies. Um, it's, you know, it's always difficult to start a new meditation or start a day the med station per se. Everybody has the strange belief that you need to be hours and hours in meditation and to the country. It doesn't work that way. So do not be worry about think that he's going to be very simple and easy, and I will be guiding you and taken you surely into a more profound kind of practice. Do not think too much. Meditation is always very intuitive and. It will start. No one of us started getting really thinking that we need to be these wonderful yogis that are done there in the deepest forest or into the mountains of the Himalayan and and it's very difficult. And no you can just dedicate for a minute if you breathe and you're going to be in meditation. Yes, true, there is a lot of people that have very long meditations, and it's good. But, um, to be honest with the kind of life and the pace of this more than life we're living every day is not that easy and simple to sit down and get a side 1-2 hours for meditation. And there is no need for such a long die. You can divide your meditation and shorter ones once, twice a day. You know, five minutes, 10 minutes, and then you of all from there and you get from there. But always always make it fun meditation or whatever kind of a practice you do or technique you use to evolve to quiet your mind. To relax. It's perfect. You can just choose the one that fits you properly, so don't make it a chore. Just find the quiet space. Okay, Space cities uh, narrow is clean. Um, that is appealing to you. It Could be also a guard. It could be a place in your garden that is quiet. The people, if you are, you have a family that is staying with your living with your friend. Whatever. If there are the peoples in your home, then you can tell them I'm going to use these next five minutes for myself for meditation. Please just do not interrupt me. Give me these 5 10 minutes for me. You will be surprised. People really, especially the family members. They're always proud to see you in a new adventure, that he's an adventure to make yourself happier. Calmer, relax. So why not? Don't be it and kind of thinking or what they're going to think about me. It doesn't matter what they think. Just let them know that he's your special time. Your time to relax and create this place. Create this place that is perfect for you. If you have a room and that you like and he's quiet and then created free or create a little space that is going to be in the way you want maybe with some, uh, music, maybe candles. Or you can burn sage or not, make it the way it's pleasant for you. And if you're in the garden, maybe a place where there is not too much wind. Sometimes when the wind, um it's strong or if you have wind that is coming. And now you are just starting into these things. It will just thank you off guard and maybe you're going to be just, you know, not being focused. So choose the place wisely. If you have Children, maybe he's going to be. I know your bathroom. Your closet depends, depends on how many Children you have, how young they are. So but, you know, it's always there is always an opportunity. There is always a space, the perfect place. Well, you can do your meditation practice, and in time we're going to be evolving in different things.  And after meditation, we can go and explore other subjects, maybe chocolates. What the chakras are doing to you, what are the benefits to know where they're located, their function, how they interact with you in the in the daily life. So this is going to be a very interactive, very, um, dynamic kind of things. So just enjoy. I hope you have a lot of fun. And, uh, from now this is going to take you, I hope in a very special place. And please join me, any time at every moment. And if you like me to touch at the subject or if you have questions, please do not hesitate to send me a text message, and I will be more than happy to do so. In the meantime, I hope to hear from you soon and have a lot of fun. Thank you for joining me.