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Frequencies and vibrations that change your world, Part 2

October 01, 2021 Sonia Episode 2
Innergy Healing
Frequencies and vibrations that change your world, Part 2
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You are a divine musical instrument vibrating to different frequencies.
Vibrations may change with your thoughts, the music you listen to, and more.
Be the master and creator of your world, you have the power to change your reality.
Things to do to increase your vibratory field:

  • Be joyful
  • Be positive
  • Listen to uplifting music
  • Use words of love
  • Be grateful

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Sonia 0.03:
Dear Friends Family of Light, welcome to Innergy healing podcast. Here you will find answers to many questions about spirituality, spiritual practices, healing, healing modalities, meditation, from Tibetan Reiki to the Reiki philosophy, mantras, sacred word sacred expression. Always with a little bit of joy and fun, even if this is a very deep and profound subject. So let's start. Welcome, and let's enjoy being together. Sonia from Innergy healing podcast. Don't forget to subscribe,  let's start.

Sonia 1.02:
My dear friends, welcome to Innergy healing podcast, this is Sonia. I hope everyone is in good health and good spirit. Today we're going to continue our conversation regarding frequencies, energies vibrations. The way these vibrations, these frequencies, change and affect, our bodies. As we said before, we are vibrating beings and we vibrate, to a certain frequency, and these frequencies may be changed or modify modified with our way of feeling, the way we react to certain situations, the way we think. We also have discussed, that keeping certain companies, having certain kinds of friends also may modify our frequencies, the same way for music that's very very important, especially in young people that are just starting to create a body of light, so it is very important to be very careful with the things we watch, the friends we cultivate the thoughts we have. And also, the music. Music may be very very uplifting, but music may also be very detrimental. So we're going to go into the different vibrations, different kinds of vibration, and situations or things that affect or change our vibration. So like I said before we discuss music and music is very important in our life, the way we perceive things and music may be very uplifting. But another thing that I want to discuss with you is about things, we'll look at being a video, being a movie. being a game. If you have probably heard me saying, in meditation, your eyes, are the windows of your soul. what You look at with your eyes goes directly into your soul into your divine being. So, it is very important. And again, most importantly, with young people to be very careful. At the things you look at, at the movies you watch. I'm sure you have had that experience when you're looking or watching a movie, you get so much into the drama and the trama of this movie that is almost a reality for you, you detach from your reality and you get into this movie. So if you are watching a movie that is very violent. Your body is changing is releasing different chemistry. This chemistry. This Physical change affects your vibration tremendously,  imagine if it is a young person that has no discernment. It's difficult to discern what is real from what is watching.

Sonia 5.17:
Very, very difficult and it changes;  really changes the chemistry. It can Increase your sadness, it can increase the anger, why you want to do that to your body. Why would you want to do that to your frequency?  We're trying to increase our frequency to make our bodies healthy

Sonia 5.46:
our mind, healthy and joyful. Be very careful and watch what you look at use your discernment. When you play a game. Pause right nowadays are doing these games are so real. It's difficult to understand what is real and what is just the movie. Even with those goggles that you put on that you're isolating yourself, you are inside, inside the game inside the movie. So, imagine what effect that it has on your body, to your mind, and to your vibration is very very important. The next thing that affects, and changes our vibration is also the atmosphere, the air what I mean by the air and the atmosphere is the environment. The environment is very important because it's where your work is where you, where you live. It is the place, the space where you spend so much time working having fun, whatever you doing in life. So it is important that is.  In order to have a messy desk and. Okay, I understand. I'm messy a little bit myself too but you need to keep it up. As more. The best way to organize, as you can, as clean as you can. Do not get me wrong, I'm not wanting to tell you the way you have to have your home, your desk your office is not that, is that when you have a place where you spend a lot of time, that is unorganized that is really really messy. And it's not conducive to calm and to, to work, in calmness and joy in an uplifting environment. These change your vibration. It is incredible but it is true. It will also affect your creativity. your place needs to be much as possible neat and clean. No, because I want to be because I Okay, you need to know, is because has a very strong and deep effect in your vibration in your creativity in the way you work. In the way, you can create with love with joy, with color, something that is going to change and affect and have a very deep effect on your vibration. It seems maybe too far-fetched, but it's true. try, if you like to have your desk, your home, disorganized, dusty. See how it affects you. When your mom, your grandmother uses to say, keep things clean, pick up your clothing and pick up your stuff is now not only because need to be neat and organized, but it feels different, you clean your room. It is like, joyful, it brings you a different feeling, has a reason is not the reason that, because it needs to be clean, but it's the reason that the vibration of the place, changes. And since the vibration of the environment, the place of your work, the place where you spend most of your time, is uplifting guess what, it goes to you, as we said before, whatever you send into the universe comes back to you.

Sonia 10.45:

And this is the same for the place where you work where you leave what you spend a lot of time is exactly the same, so forgive me if I have to talk about this but this is a very important topic because it is. where We spend a lot of time. The next one is the word, the spoken word. what You say, the way you say it the way you express yourself, has a tremendous, tremendous effect and affects your vibratory frequency. If what you want to do is keep up your frequency, to have your frequency to be high to elevate you to bring you to a place where everything is going to be, for the better you for your better life for your better well being, your word's are most important. The way you speak, and what you say it, is very important. So let's try to eliminate from our vocabulary from our way of saying things. Let's try to eliminate the drama the negativity. Let's try not to complain when it's not necessary. I understand we all complain, for whatever reason, especially nowadays with all that is going on. It is like a release valve to complain, but try to eliminate as much as you can, your vibratory field will thank you. When you try to speak words of hope, of joy, of love, of compassion, your frequency will go higher and higher and higher. It is time to take responsibility for what we say. And in the way, we say, the way we say these words affect you and affect the persons around you, the person that listens to you. And as we said many times already. Whatever you put out into the universe, comes back to you, stronger, and even more powerful. Whatever you put out or the universe it comes back sevenfold to you. It's a big number. So try to say words of love of compassion, of understanding, let's avoid drama. Let's avoid being violent with our words. Be responsible for the choices you are making in life. In my opinion, the next one is one of the most powerful. The feeling of gratitude. Gratitude for whatever you have. It is a powerful positive vibratory frequency, being grateful, increases your vibration exponentially. We should try to integrate this feeling of gratitude into our lives. It is important to feel grateful for the little things we have in life.

Sonia 15.45:
When you're grateful for the little things. When if maybe you think is silly. Being grateful for the little things in life. Brings you, and it will bring you much more and bigger things more amazing things. So let's start with the little things for me when I go out and I see a beautiful flower. It gives me joy and I'm so grateful for the ability to see this in nature. For the ability to maybe smell the perfume of the flower, or the joy, that brings you, a child smiling, being grateful to have your parents in your life. Being grateful for your children. Being grateful to be here, having this experience learning in this wonderful world. Gratitude opens many many doors open doors for good things to happen to you. for positive things to happen in your life, let's be grateful for everything  You think about, and express this gratitude with your words. And with your thoughts. And when with your gestures, look how many things we are already using to increase our vibration, how many feelings we are using to increase our vibration, we have the feeling of gratitude, we're expressing it, with our words. We are feeling it in our hearts. We are feeling it in our brain with our thoughts. So, my dear friends. Let's try to be grateful. Enjoy life for the Little and Big Things that we may experience in life. Even if we have pains and sorrow. Look at these as a way to learn. and understand why we are here.  life is not easy. If we learn to see and express our gratitude, things may be different things may be changing for the better. For now, we have covered, different feelings that change the way we increase and change our vibrations, our frequencies. If you have any questions or if you want to discuss a little bit more about these, please get in touch with me, email me, send me a text whatever can work easier for you. I'm here to help you and be of service. And as I mentioned before I'm going to do some meditation series and some healing from Hawaii and I hope you'll be part of that and maybe you may follow me on Facebook or Instagram or even here on my podcast. It's going to be a new adventure. Be positive, be joyful, be grateful. Until I see you again. Until next time, be well. I hope to see you soon to be with you very soon. This is Sonia from Innergy healing podcast. Until the next time, by. I hope you have enjoyed the show. This is Sonia from Innergy healing podcast. If you have suggestions or are you requesting topics to be discussed, please contact me through my web page, energy healing Do not forget to subscribe. Thank you.