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Frequencies and vibrations that change your world, Part 3

October 08, 2021 Sonia Episode 3
Innergy Healing
Frequencies and vibrations that change your world, Part 3
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You are a divine musical instrument vibrating to different frequencies.
Vibrations may change with your thoughts, the music you listen to, and more.
Be the master and creator of your world, you have the power to change your reality.
You are working on your path of ascension!
Things to do to increase your vibratory field:

  • Be joyful
  • Be positive
  • Listen to uplifting music
  • Use words of love
  • Be grateful
  • Love unconditionally

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Sonia 00.2:
Dear friends, family, light, welcome to Innergy healing podcast. Here you will find answers to many questions about spirituality, spiritual practices, healing, healing modalities meditations, from Tibetan Reiki to the Reiki philosophy, mantras, sacred words sacred expression. Always with a little bit of joy and fun, even if this is a very deep and profound subject. Let's start. Welcome, and let's enjoy being together. This is Sonia, from Innnergy Healing podcast, do not forget to subscribe. Let's start.

Sonia 1.02:
Dear friends, welcome, welcome to Innergy Healing podcast, this is Sonia. Previously we have had a conversation regarding energies and vibrations, how these different feelings and situations. Have a dip effect in our vibration in our vibratory field and energetic field. Now it comes the question that you probably are going to have that is why, why it is so important to take care of our energy and our vibrations, why it is important for us to take care of the way we feel, the way we think the things we say, the things we watched, why they're so important is important because they are very related that they're really close with the core of our evolution. They are our evolution and the increase in our vibration and awareness,

Sonia 2.31:
awareness that is the open path. For Our Ascension and what is the ascension path you may ask, the ascension path is a way of realigning to love. It is the conscious choice that we make to surrender to love and to evolve into higher consciousness into a higher and

Sonia 3.15:
totally different world. Doing so, we are doing. We are relinquishing or actually better word will be. We are so surrendering. Really surrendering to divine love, the love that is unconditional. To the love that is all around us. Divine Love, Just for love.

Sonia 3.51:
Love, without, any reason without any gain from the other side is just pure and divine love, it is realigning ourselves into divine love, opening up to this is better, and increase the capacity of our soul to Love for no Reason just

Sonia  4.24:
to love is the secret in opening up our consciousness. Our. Soul, our being into this new reality, opens up the ability to let go of pain and difficulties,

Sonia 4.49:
it opens up the ability to accept ourselves as divine beings, as divine beings of light that are here to experience and learn what we have come here to experience. You are here for a divine reason, and to be here on this planet, on this beautiful earth at this time. It is an enormous and wonderful commitment we have chosen to do You, I. We are here to help each other. We are here to help each other to ascend into higher consciousness. The only way you may change and transform into the being of ultralight, that you really are is in an increase in your vibration and awareness. I know we're going through very difficult times, all of us, every single person on this world on earth is going through many difficulties. All kinds of difficulties. This is also part of the transformation is part of the transformation that we are going through, physically, and spiritually. At Times we feel lost and depress. With so much pain and fear. We do not know what to do. We feel so lost.

Sonia 6.53:
Nothing will change. Till we.... until we truly surrender. Divine Love is all around us. This is time to find maybe a breathing exercise or a meditation routine, something that is going to help you find yourself,

Sonia 7.21:
something that is going to help you feel the love around you, ground yourself.  And understand that it is a necessary pain.

Sonia 7.34:
It is a necessary change in time you become a server. The same thing that you do when you go to a movie and you are watching this movie, you're inside, but you know that is not you. You are Observing, you need to learn to be the observer. In order to understand what is going on, what is the change, why we are here, what is going on in our lives, in our bodies. It's really time to let go and to let God

Sonia 8.23:
be the driver of your life. Again, this is not about religion, this is not about any

Sonia 8.34:
kind of religion you can call it God, Creator, but is the supreme being, is guiding us into a new amazing reality. It is time to trust the change. Just let go and know that all fears of survival all fears, related to our health to our well-being, will be taken care of. Remember that you are vibrating. Depending on the energy that your body that your mind, your heart is feeling. So if your energetic field is affected or disturbed because you feel stress, you feel sadness, you are, emitting energy into the universe. As we said before, this is coming back to you stronger. You must find a way to change that, find a way to maybe through deep breathing through pranic breathing or through meditation try to relax, to let go. Try to let go of the fear, knowing that everything is going to be well. You must try to be positive, to observe what is happening, trying to find

Sonia 10.27:
the positive side, the positive outcome. Try to change the way you see what is happening right now, knowing that one, something tragic or something very difficult

Sonia 10.48:
happens to your life. It doesn't mean that's the end. It means that probably something better, something different is going to come, probably it will be a good idea to find like I said a good breath a good pranic breath, a deep breathing, or maybe a mantra, a sacred song, a prayer. Something that uplifts you and changes the way you feel something that helps your vibration become positive, energetic, maybe joyful.

Sonia 11.47:
 breathing and prayers or chanting the way to help and to change the distortion that fear, or whatever negative feelings. You may have to change into a more peaceful one. We are all going through difficult changes 

Sonia 12.15:
try to look at these changes and difficulties as new opportunities a new adventure, a start of a new adventure. Try to look at these difficulties. as Something that is ending a period of time that is done, it has finished and is opening-up

Sonia 12.42
to a new life a better one. Maybe this painful change is bringing you to such a beautiful abundant life. One that You didn't even dare to dream about give yourself the chance, to reset, whatever is happening. It is okay, is a new opportunity.

Sonia 13.18
A better life. I like to tell you a story. It's a personal story. When I was learning years ago, I had the amazing opportunity to be introduced to Master Sunyata Saraswati, my teacher for few years. And I was really starting to enjoy His company to enjoy His teaching it was time for him to go back to the source to go back home. I was left desperate. I was crying I couldn't understand why it was happening, I never experienced such a love for somebody that was not related to me by blood was such pure, unconditional love. He went back home and I cry for months. And I thought that it was not fair. It was not right, why me, why, with all the things I still had needed to learn why he left, why

Sonia 14.52:
this was happening to us. He was such a wonderful teacher. He left in what I thought was the middle of my training, He was supposed to start training me into this modality with

Sonia 15.11:
Kuan Yin the bodhisattva of love and compassion. I was really lost I couldn't understand why. And what was that I was going to do what I was going to do without him, then three months after passing like magic. I Find this teacher this amazingly beautiful woman. But guess what, she was teaching a modality about Kuan Yin, a very powerful healing modality, about ascension and love and compassion. She became my teacher, and I understood that even if still now after so many years this is still painful, but it was a way to understand and to have this new opportunity

Sonia 16.12:
to learn even more. To Get into higher teachings I have learned. My dear friends, do not despair, do not feel lost. Something happened if a door you feel that the door is closing shut on you and

Sonia 16.33:
you feel lost. Remember that probably is an amazing opportunity for a new adventure.  the Magical Part in this new adventure. It is, it is that we, as a race as a

Sonia 16.56:
planet. We are all going through this together, holding each other by the hands ascending together into a better reality it is painful, it is difficult

Sonia 17.15:
here we are doing the best we can to reach the point, we can jump into a better life into a beautiful one. 

Sonia 17.31:
I just want you to understand that it is important that you keep up your vibration, that you keep up a positive feeling, a joyful feeling, the feeling of love, unconditional love for you, for yourself, for each other. Till we meet again until we're here again together be well be joyful 

Sonia 18.05:
This is Sonia from Innergy healing podcast. I hope you have enjoyed the show, this is Sania from Innergy healing podcast. If you have suggestions or are you requesting topics to be discussed. Please contact me through my web page, Innergyhealing Don't forget to subscribe. Thank you.