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Talking about crystals.

November 04, 2021 Sonia Episode 1
Innergy Healing
Talking about crystals.
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Crystals are powerful tools and companions of our journey.

  • How to find the perfect one for you!
  • Vibrations
  • Colors
  • Sacred Geometry

These are a few of the properties of crystals, ancient witnesses of culture, and wisdom.
Few tips on how to find the perfect one for you.

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My dear friends, welcome. Welcome to Innergy healing podcast. This is Sonia. Today I went back to my office at the center, the Dharma Center, a place that they have for teaching for meditation and to get together with students and practitioners. At this place, I share the building with other healers with other practitioners. I was approached by one of them asking me to teach and to speak to a venue regarding different spiritual techniques, different modalities. It dawned on me that even at this age, after so many years of learning and teaching there are so many still that need to be awakened to awaken their consciousness. It is a huge opportunity to be here with you. to Share the little and the match. I know to share with you knowledge, different modalities, different techniques to awaken,  probably more than anything else your curiosity. So you will have the opportunity to research by yourself to try to search for a teacher for a master, or a fellow practitioner. I was asked to speak about crystals and about meditation about Reiki and what not. So I was thinking maybe so many of us who love crystals, crystals are  

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Beautiful. mesmerizing, energizing so why not? Why not speak about crystals and what they are their properties,  what you can do with a crystal,  crystals come in many shapes, forms, colors, vibrations, crystals have many properties. The one that probably is going to impact the most at first is going to be the color, transparency, the shape. So if you are guided if you go to show if you're going to a store and you pick up a crystal feel like this piece of rock. Let's call it that this piece of  Rock has something that you're not sure what it is but you feel like you must have it. So it could be the color, it could be the shape. you do not know for me to pick up a crystal is quite an experience and when I go to stores to pick up a crystal I always have to take my time because the energy is very powerful. So I need to just keep my mind and shield myself from the energies. to Let this be soft and gentle. When you go to pick up a crystal and you're probably impressed by the shape or the color. Just take your time. Take your time to get to know this precious stone. This precious rock, let this energy, the energy of this crystal speak to you. So it doesn't matter if you're in a store and if people think what is this person doing? Nobody. No one. In a  crystal shop, will ever tell you to hurry up. They know exactly what's going on. They know exactly that you need time to get into the same Sintony into the same vibration of the crystal to see if it is okay with you to see if he's working with you. So do not worry. Take your time. Hold it in your hand. See what you feel just let the crystal. really, be in tune with you. You're creating, let say almost a song and harmony something that has to resonate with you. So to feel it, you have to let it work within you. 

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Maybe it's just the color may be the color is the one that really is touching very deep in you take your time. Choose the color and the crystal and the shape. It's most appealing to you. We're not choosing here crystals for decoration. We are not choosing the crystal for the fen Shui because choosing here crystal, crystals to work with your energy, crystals that are willing to work with you. For whatever reason, you need to have this crystal take your time. Leave it, leave this crystal where, it was on the shelf and then step away from it, away from it and just go and see another one or see something else. Then come back, back and feel if it is still speaking to you. Or it may be another crystal that was nearby that was more powerful and more meaningful to you. But this is not a thing that you just hurry up and shop and get it. It's not that way. It's personal. You are creating a relationship with this crystal and one of the things you want to do when you are getting in touch with this crystal when you're getting to know this crystal, just ask. Ask if this precious stone is willing to work with you because He's appealing to you or you feel that it is the energy that you like, that you won't that you need. This crystal is okay to come home with you. I'm sorry, but that's true. That's very true. Try it, you will be surprised if you are deep into yourself and you don't need to spend an hour just doing that just for a moment. Go deep into yourself and ask this crystal if he's willing to work with you. And you say maybe because I want to do this or that. You will be surprised but you will get an answer. Maybe it's not going to be a yes or no or a word, you're going to get a special sensation these understanding if it is yes or no. Many times, I go to a shop and I want to purchase something, for a friend, or a family member. And I like that Crystal is really what I think is going to be perfect for this person and they are going to like it but then I go and ask the crystal Are you willing to work with such and such for this reason? Or just only work with this person, you will be surprised? Do not be discouraged? By the answer, if it is a no but just accept it and if you are feeling that is not what you want to hear. Again, leave the crystal on the shelf. Where are you finding it? As you move away, clear your mind, clear your heart. Maybe you'll find something else or come back a few minutes later. When your head is clear when your heart is open. Ask again and you either will get the confirmation for whatever was the answer before or you can get an answer. I'm telling you this because of personal experience, this is exactly what happens. Many times you want to give away some crystals or even the opposite. You Do not want to give away that crystal that is so precious. That is so beautiful. You ask and the crystal will tell you I don't want to stay here. 

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My work is done. My work is done with you, I need to move forward. It is a beautiful lesson for us. It is a beautiful lesson for us. of nonattachment. We are supposed to learn not to be attached to material things. And I'm telling you because it has happened to me many times. Beautiful lovely crystals that I really liked them and I don't work with them that often but I like them. And when I pick them up and they ask me no such and such person has to get me and he breaks my heart. It's not mine. I Have to give it away. On the same token, I received crystals the same way. So open your mind and open your heart. Get the crystal you need the crystal that you deserve let's say you got the crystal you want, is perfect it is exactly what you need it is exactly what you feel is okay for you. And you go home. This precious thing is a precious stone. American Indians call them the standing people because they have a lot of knowledge. They Are very old ancient vibrating beings but you take this crystal home and it's time to cleanse the crystal, you cannot use a crystal without having some kind of cleansing some kind of taking away vibrations that are not for you. It's like when you come back home from a long day of work. You need to take a shower. So the Crystal has been working really hard in this shop because he was touched by so many and it was touched through the process of being mine. So take your time and cleanse the crystal. There are many different ways to do it. The easiest faster, simpler way is just to hold your crystal under cold running water. A few minutes let the water run and have your mind thinking have the intention that you are running this water to clean this crystal to have all the energies of other people that have touched the crystal be washed away. You want to have a new vibrating energy that will work with you. So you have washed the crystal well. take a piece of cloth a clean cloth just dried up,  you can take some time through this process? Because you really want to think what you're going to ask you a crystal to work with you what you want this crystal to do for you, so maybe not the same day. One day or two days later. You have thought exactly what you want, what you need, what kind of help you need. Now it's time to sit down. Maybe you can do a little meditation. Take the Crystal between your hands to communicate with this rock, the standing people. This ancient being has been going through Millenniums on this earth. really speak to this crystal telling what you need to What you want what are your intentions, What You want to do it and I will leave it to that because I want you to fully experience the energy of this crystal this is very simple, is very powerful. create relationships with our crystals. Every one of them has a specific vibration, a specific shape as specific color and it has a very deep ancient. History, knowledge, and understanding of how this world works. Let's take advantage of these beautiful standing people of Earth these rocks that have experienced through millenniums and ages things we do not even imagine, the powers and the strengthen the changes of Earth. The most important thing you should do when you go shopping for s Crystal is to have fun. Do it with joy, with the understanding that what you are going to have in your hands is a history of our beloved planet it has been here forever since the creation of Earth. Do it with respect do it with fun. Enjoy the moment to choose wisely choose with your heart, your feelings with your guts. And I hope you find the perfect one. And it is my hope you will just let me know, let me know how wonderful was the crystal you just picked up.  Now, are you able to get in touch with these crystal people like me that have fun and enjoy having crystals around. I tell You is never enough. We are always searching for crystals. We're always looking for that precious one. That special one, that is dear to us. The one that is going to make a difference. The secret is that everyone is special. Everyone makes a difference. My friend, have fun enjoy it. Do it with love,  with the understanding that is only a tool. It is there to help you momentarily it is there to help you in your spiritual path in your spiritual growth with beauty. The strength of the knowledge of ancient people.  

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This is Sonia from Innergy healing podcast. If you have any questions, suggestions, or you want to get in touch with me, please go to my web page. Innergy healing Until next time, be well find the perfect crystal See you soon. Bye.