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Vibration and the spiritual path, finding your unique way into the path of love.

November 11, 2021 Sonia Episode 4
Innergy Healing
Vibration and the spiritual path, finding your unique way into the path of love.
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You are unique and the way you follow or advance into your spiritual journey is yours and only yours.
It is your adventure into the higher vibration of Spirit.
Believe in yourself!
Never stop practicing and loving life at every moment with joy and compassion.
Compassion for yourself and others.
You are the Master of your future, do it with joy.
When you advance, you change your energy and your vibration, creating a powerful field around you!

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Sonia 00 
Hello, dear friends family of light Welcome to innergy healing podcast. Here you will find answers to many questions about spirituality, spiritual practices, healing, healing modalities meditation from Tibetan Reiki to the Reiki philosophy, mantras sacred word sacred expression always with a little bit of joy and fun even if this is a very deep and profound subject. Let's start welcome and let's enjoy it together. Sonia from Innergy healing podcast, do not forget to subscribe. Let's start 

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my dear friends, welcome welcome to Innergy healing podcast. This is Sonia. Many times we speak about the spiritual path, our spiritual path. Walking the spiritual path or finding the spiritual path to follow is unique to each of us is unique to each individual. It is not wrong there is no correct or only one way of doing it. If you feel that what you do to advance spiritually is working for you. Please do it. Do not let anyone convince you. Otherwise, what you do is unique and special and is exactly what you need. At that moment. It is perfectly aligned with what you need. We are all advancing to other dimensions into a higher dimension a dimension of love and understanding. So please do not think that you are doing it wrong. You are doing what is necessary for you. And it is in perfect alignment in perfect synchronicity with you and what you need. At this moment. The universe responds depending on what you need at that exact moment, do not feel that you are doing is not correct. Do not think that if you're not following such and such teachers, such and such master you're wrong. Do Not feel that way. Please forget about labels dogmas. Or teachings that are excluding other philosophies. You are unique and special follow your heart. Be passionate. Do it, life has many obstacles No one. No one from the richest man on earth to the poorest one has a life without tribulation. We all go through life experiencing pains. Problems, Discord. Disease. No one is exempt from that. I guess this is a way we choose to learn it is a- way from spirit, it is a -way from the Universe to make us understand, to have us learn whatever lesson we came here to learn. It is being said that being human is one of the most difficult school in the universe. 

Sonia 4.02
If you choose to believe that you are not alone in this vast cosmos, you can believe this life of ours is not easy. This life of ours. For you, for me, for anyone from the person that maybe is famous and you think they have everything in life. We do not know, we do not know what is exactly going on in their life. What pains what problems they have. So no one is exempt from these pains and tribulations. 

Sonia 5.27
Probably the secret is to embrace what life gives us embrace what life gives you as an opportunity,  an opportunity to learn to make it better and to advance my dear friends, life the way I see it, the way makes it easier for me is to see life as an adventure. Every day I take it like whatever is presented to me an adventure is an exploration into the unknown. We have no idea what is going to happen tomorrow or the next day these way of viewing life makes it live. bearable, at least for me. And it is a way to advance and to let go of pain and suffering and difficulties. Things that come my way. It is my way of doing it. Maybe you have a different way maybe you have a better way of seeing it. It works for me. If you like to try please do it. For me. Looking at this life as an adventure or as a trip into the unknown. Makes it easier. I know life is not easy. And I'm not saying that. 

Sonia 7.10
It is easier or it was easier for me. It's just my way to making it bearable. It is my way to feel like the observer. Like If I'm watching a movie and believe me it's not all the time. Not every day, not every moment I can be just the observer. It is a slow, difficult process, but I do the best I can with what I'm given to try to be the observer is also a learning process. The only thing we can do is try and do the best we can with what we have, creating opportunities from the difficulties, difficulties we are presented with. Make it work. At mind come the words of my beloved teacher master Sunyata and he used to say practice practice practice. It is not only practicing the technique, it is also practicing to be the observer. But if you have a technique if you have a modality from meditation or energy healing whatever you have learned practice it,  practicing this modality will give you strength it will give you strength of character will give you confidence in the ability to overcome difficulties. When you learn meditation or whatever, whatever energy healing or whatever energy practice you're learning. It is very difficult. In the beginning when you start, you have to memorize you have to feel it. You have to just commit the time to doing whatever you have to do. So this same curve, the same learning curve for whatever you're learning is applied to life. We need to practice we practice trying to find joy and love in everything we do beauty what is around us, but it is a practice. Think about it. How can you advance without difficulties? Remember when you went to school and you got a difficult assignment, remember how hard how difficult it was? It was the only way you could learn. So remember with each problem we have we are given an opportunity to succeed, each failure and with each struggle, we're climbing a step toward a brighter place to a higher vibratory dimension. This is true for all aspects of life. Every day, every moment, we are presented with an opportunity to succeed in life and in our spiritual path. When things happen in your life from the smallest one to the largest, biggest more important look at them as the opportunities to advance to progress to make it better to succeed in any and everything going on in life. keep on Going do not stop in times. Things will turn you're getting stronger, wiser. Fortunately, that's a result of aging. Getting older. Hopefully, not necessarily everybody does but hopefully, you're getting wiser and stronger. Do not stop practicing. Do not stop practicing whatever energy, meditation modality you have in your toolbox, but also never stop practicing in life when problems or when things do not go the way you wanted to go. 

Sonia 12.23
Just practicing to be the observer will give you calm will give you pause in doing this observing of your life. You will be able to change or to adapt things to obtain the result that you want to have. Do not go back to not fear you are becoming stronger. Now I remember when my teacher master Sunyata spoke with me before starting the training. He said are you sure you want to do this? because there is no coming back. My dear friends, there is no coming back, when you start to advance when you start progressing into this spiritual path in this life of spirituality in this life of wanting to get into a higher vibratory dimension. There is no coming back. Really there is no coming back because when you get to a certain level sorry. You Will not, feel that coming back is an option. What I mean by that is think about meditation if you are used to meditating,  your life has reached a different preparation, your Life has a different way of feeling and to just not meditate or get back to the point before you started your meditation. If you really put your mind into that and think the difference between before starting your meditation and now after maybe months years even hours of meditation. You feel the difference. You know that there is a huge gap between the way you felt before with the way you feel now. So that's what I mean when I say there is no turning back. You start advancing in this spiritual life the way you feel and perceive life and people and nature and everything else. Now go back before to the way you were before. Remember, this is your learning time it is a play for a greater outcome. Be very patient we are going through very difficult times for all of us. At this point, I imagine what we are going through is learning to be patient to be the masters of our destiny. We are learning to become better human beings. We are learning to become better Beings of Light. Better in the sense more advanced, stronger, wiser powerful. You are the master of your future. You are the master of your destiny. Teachers may show you the way for a way to do but you and only you and do the work and master the work. 

Sonia 16.21
You and only you have the power to stand up and be a beacon of light to the world. You and only you are what you are capable of doing. You are the only one that really can believe in yourself and portray yourself to the world. That is the magnificent person that you are and make everybody else know how wonderful how magnificent you are. Believing yourself. Believe in yourself. With Discipline and practice, you will achieve it. I know you will achieve it. I know you can I know you are achieving it. Again a teacher may show you the way. You are the only one. You are the one making it happen. 

Sonia  17.40
As one of my teachers used to say that self-effort lies all the glory of being a human being and in the becoming divine. Leaving yourself leave in what you do believe in the what you're practicing from meditation, healing, Reiki, whatever you're practicing it is helping you to achieve a vibration that increases on spiritual awareness that will bring you to a higher level My dear friends please do not stop practicing and if you do not have a practice set up. Learned one. Find a Teacher something that really calls you and appeals to you learn it, learn well, and practice it. As they say, practice makes perfect. Yes, practice makes it perfect. And this is what we're doing here. As humans. We're practicing, become stronger, wiser, and to achieve perfection as humans not because we are perfect at all in the sense of egotistic perfection but in the sense of well-becoming perfect, better, wiser humans to be able to cross over to a higher dimension, the dimension of love, understanding of compassion, from my heart I send you all my love all my light. I believe in you please practice, practice practice. You can do it. I know you can do it. My dear friends until next time until we meet again. Be well be joyful. This is Sonia by. I hope you have enjoyed the show. This is Sonia from Innergy healing podcast. If you have suggestions or are you requesting topics to be discussed, please contact me through my webpage Innergy healing Do not forget to subscribe. Thank you