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The power of your words.

January 20, 2022 Sonia Season 2 Episode 2
Innergy Healing
The power of your words.
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Your words have the power to change who you are and your environment.
As you speak, the vibration produces changes within you, within your environment, and on others. Use your words to express feelings that will enhance your well-being, creating a reality of love and understanding.
Use words of:

  • love
  • joy
  • understanding 
  • compassion

Your words have a lasting powerful effect.

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Dear Family of Light. Welcome. Welcome to Innergy healing podcast. This is Sonia. I hope everyone is doing well in good health in good spirits. I want to remind you today how powerful your words are. The power of your words The things you say have a lasting effect on people on the environment.  Your friends, your families, your pets. Sometimes we think that what we say it's not important enough, or it will not matter it is not like that. Your words what you say the way you express it, resonate in people. Think about it, what may have happened to you when you were young or some situations you probably have forgotten people you have forgotten maybe the place where it happened but the power of the words of somebody that has said something to you, are still resonating within your being,  it is why it is so important that we use our words carefully. We need to express our feelings, our thoughts with care about when you were growing up, maybe a teacher may be your friends, a friend said some something you shall add like feeling not thinking the effect of these words in You and some words are so strong are so powerful. will change the way you feel will change the way you behave. Maybe they can even change your future. The way of reacting or acting in your daily life. So think about this and think how powerful these words are so powerful, even through the years, maybe are still remembering exactly how they were expressed the exact words that were said to you. still resonate within you. Spoken Ward's create a vibration. It is a vibration that resonates into the ether but they also come back to you what you say what you express, what you put out there comes back to you stronger and even more powerful, this  is a subject that I like to revise from time to time because many times we say things without thinking that our words our expressions may affect people deeply. We'll give you an example that my personal experience. I study with the wonderful teacher Mr. Sunyata Saraswati. I never thought that his words were going to resonate within me that way after so many years that he has passed sometimes, when I study something or when I teach to my students I can hear his voice, I can hear exactly the words he said to us, his students. This was the only spoke with pause, with care. Never in a  hurry. Never in the spirit of the moment. Always well thought not because they need to be elaborate or anything like that. Not always with the intention to reach deep within memory, memory bank of ourselves of our mind of our memories. So these teachings remain impress witin us. I'm coming to this to let you know that your words even if you are not a teacher, even if you're not a spiritual person or a guide. It is always important. The world is listening to you. The words have power. The words are impregnated with your energy with your intention, with your love with your joy with your happiness with your sadness, your worries, your words contain the vibration of your being, the vibration of you the personality. You the human being that is experiencing so many different facets of life. Believe in what you say that have the power to change, that they have the power to transform, transform you, and to transform other person another human being. Many studies have been conducted regarding the sound of your voice sound and the words you express. Very well-known experiment was conducted by Dr. Massaro Emoto with the water,  I tried myself as well so if you like you can try it. It has been tried with water has been tried with rice and different substance you eat your food and flowers. If you put kind words of love and encouragement of joy, to a bottle of water or over food, it transforms the element at the atomic level at the cellular level. It is so powerful that the rice that he's exposed to words of love and joy. It stays Good and now well for a long time. The Same rice exposed to words of pain or not worth, it spoils right away. So my point is that if something like rice or something like water is affected so deeply by words, imagine think about how much powerful are your words on Human beings is not only to other people, the people that you encounter is not only to family and friends, it affects you because you are creating vibration. You are the one creating the energy the negativity. My dear friend, please use cautious words. Use words to express feelings of love of joy, understanding of compassion I know that life is very difficult and especially right now we're going through so many things. We ourselves need to encourage ourselves, we need to give us the power of understanding the power of love the power of joy, it starts within us. You will need to create for yourself a mind of love a mind of joy a mind of well-being. As you see it is so important. The change within us. We are the creators of our reality, and where it starts. Start in our mind the way we think the way we elaborate our thoughts the way we create. In the same way, I remember the words of my teacher the same way you are making a difference to people around you. Let's start to be positive let's start to be joyful and even if we have problems and pains and sorrows and things that happen to us. Let's try to find a way to see the positive aspect. As A door closes and another one is opening. So let's see this negativity or these things are not going where you like as opportunities; as opportunities for a new beginning. New Way. New Adventure at the end of this life. Is a big adventure new free we just think about life in this way will be different. If you go on vacation thinking then you are going to have a wonderful adventure. You are going to a place maybe where there are no things like I don't know electricity or running water but you have this mind your mind has been set up knowing that this is going to be for the this is going to be an adventure. Everything is fine. You will find a way of creating an amazing experience. So why not thinking that we are on earth on this lifetime to experience an amazing adventure is upon us the choice of creating an amazing adventure. I was young very young. My parents moved from one continent to the other for a young girl to leave friends. The place that was used to it was very difficult. I recall crying for months because I felt lonely I didn't know the language. We arrived to these place during a political turmoil and it was not easy. I cried for months. Making myself, my life miserable what a good lesson. What an amazing lesson after a few months when I just say okay, I need to make the best of all these it became it became fun. It became a life experience. Making new friends new environment was not easy. I was a teenager to get to a place where you do not know anyone. Have no idea of the different culture of the different foods. People look different people acted different was difficult. Again it was an amazing lesson. So I guess from that what I learned was that it does not matter where you're important part is that you are able to adapt, need to adapt to the changes and think about the life as an amazing adventure. At The end is what it is, is an amazing adventure. An Adventure on Earth. To Learn to acquire tools. To Expand your mind to evolve, to reach to a point of understanding of unity. So in the spirit of mindfulness, of creating awareness let's be aware of our words of our thoughts, the way we express our feelings, the way we think about others about us all the work as always my friend I hope have awakened within you. Curiosity, feeling of understanding, love, and compassion, starting within yourself. For Nature for the human beings for the world if you have any questions or feel like I cover different subjects, please get in touch with me. Send me an email and effects go to my work page. Innergy healing or Innergy healing It's up to you. Or you may find me on Instagram or On Facebook wherever it is easier for you. Until next time, be well be joyful. See you soon. Bye. Hope you have enjoyed the show. This is Sonia from Innergy healing podcast if you have suggestions or are you requesting topics to be discussed, is contact me through My webpage Innergy healing  
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